We have a discussion deciding what you want to see coming out of this project. We address any concerns or questions you may have. Any initial ideas you have are considered here.



I draw a few ideas, bring together some moodboards, and we sift through all of that to determine what we want to move forward with.



We go forward with a few ideas, readjusting and reevaluating as we go. If you choose a package containing a "Design Redo," that entitles you to change directions here, and essentially restart the creative process.



We decide on a final design that we are both happy with, the design is sent to you, and the project is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will my project cost?

A. For most projects,  the packages seen below will offer you flexibility and affordability.

The Basic package is primarily for logos, it takes only one week, but is restricted. We will not go back and forth on the design, and you will not get the original file. This is primarily for people who simply need a great logo, and want the decision making done by the designer.

The Intermediate package has branding included, meaning there will be several versions of the design for different implementations. The intermediate takes two weeks, and is also restricted.

The Advanced package includes a "design redo" which enables the purchaser to decide they don't like the direction of the design, and we will change according to the new vision. This also includes the original files. A rush order is also available.

The Pro Advanced package includes branding, a design redo, original files, and in addition, ongoing support. Ongoing support means the designer is available to tweak things, design a new treatment for say, a sticker; or anything else.



  • Single Design
  • Concept Discussion
  • Jpeg file or PDF
  • Complete in 1 week



  • Branding
  • Concept Discussion
  • Jpeg file or PDF
  • Complete in 2 weeks



  • Branding
  • Concept Discussion
  • Design Redo
  • Original Files
  • Complete in 1 month, rush order available for 2 weeks.



  • Branding
  • Concept Discussion
  • Design Redo
  • Original Files
  • Ongoing Support
  • Complete in 2 months, rush order available for 3 weeks.

Q. What types of projects do you do?

A. I specialize in book and logo design. I am available for projects that involve branding, marketing materials, typesetting a book, or even a poster.

Q. What types of projects do you not do?

A. I do not do website or app design. There are hundreds of talented people and apps that will do this for you, I prefer to specialize in visual design. 

Q. How do you conduct business?

A. I prefer to conduct business over email, where everything is written down and recorded. I am also available to be texted, sent messages on my business facebook page, and on my google business page, which works just as well. I am available for phone calls or video conferences if you so desire, these will need to be set up in advance. I have a physical address simply for mail and will only meet in person in certain circumstances, I mainly work from home. 

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. I use PayPal, it is a great service that you don't even need an account to use, and can use your credit card, bank information, or debit card. I will send an invoice to your email where you can sign on and complete the purchase. I offer payment plans from PayPal if the need arises. I can also send invoices via Quickbooks in exceptional cases.

Q. Okay, I want to start a project. How should I do that?

A. Please fill out the contact form on the contact page, or select a package on the store. Give as much detail as you can, and submit. I will be responding via email on the next business day asap.

Sarah Blakely Design